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Starting September 1, 2019, Texas’ new criminal laws took effect. These new laws range from new fines in DWI cases to it now being illegal to send unwanted sexually explicit photos—better known as “dick pics”. Some of the highlights from the new laws are as follows:

HB 2048 – Texas now will not impose surcharges for individuals convicted of DWI offenses. However, the new law is not any better. The Texas Transportation Code now imposes fines for the criminal offense. A first offense within 36-month period carries a $3,000 fine; a second or subsequent conviction in a 36-month period is a $4,500 fine; and a first or subsequent DWI where the blood, breath, or urine shows a concentration of 0.16 or more will pay a $6,000 fine.

HB 446 – Texas now allows clubs, brass knuckles, and batons to be carried and are no longer illegal.

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As 2019 began, the Bexar County Courthouse saw a lot of new faces in the courtrooms. In November’s election, the County saw blue wave of democratic candidates winning their elections.

In the Bexar Cojudge-gavel-1461291738X4g-300x200unty Criminal Courts, the following new county court judges are now on the bench:

County Court at Law 1: Judge Helen Petry Stowe took the bench prior to November’s election after the incumbent abruptly resigned. She was appointed by the commissioner’s court. Judge Petry Stowe went on to win the election.

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